Going Global

Setting up in another country is a difficult proposition for anyone. Each country has its on unique set of rules and systems.

One of the advantages of working with UHY Haines Norton PRT is not only can we offer you local knowledge, but through our UHY associations we can ensure you have a support network in place almost anywhere in the world.

This means you will have all the local knowledge, contacts and affiliations you need to start your international venture from the get-go.

Some of the most important experiences you may encounter include:

> Setting up the correct business structure

> Establishing relevant business and social networks

> Protecting hard-earned assets

> Compliance with visa requirements

> Financing

> Tax

We also provide the following international tax services:

> Tax consultancy and transfer pricing

> Tax efficiency

> Structures for international expansion

> Cross-border ventures

> Transnational group structuring

> VAT returns and advice

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Call us anytime on (08) 9752 3222 or email admin@uhyhnprt.com.au and we can arrange to catch up, share a coffee and help you plan the next step!

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