Estate and Succession Planning is an important necessity of life that is often over looked or left to the last minute.

Estate planning is the process of arranging your affairs so that the transfer of assets at the time of incapacity, illness or death is accomplished in an efficient manner. In achieving this efficiency, it’s important to consider both tax and non-tax factors.

Some of these factors include who will be Executor of your estate, how you pass on control of your family entities, who you wish to receive your assets, and protecting these assets in the hands of your loved ones.

Regular review of your strategy and asset position is also sensible, to confirm that they are still appropriate for your circumstances and reflect your current wishes.

Find out how we can assist with:

> Meeting to discuss your estate

> Confirming your Assets

> Getting Court Approvals

> Documentation

> Protecting your Assets

> Paying Taxes and Debts

> Estate Distribution

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